Infertility workup

Fertility experts pay attention to the basic workup for an infertile couple as it allows them to select the right procedure required for the fertility treatment. The patient coordination team is working on daily basis to constantly evaluate ways and methods to make the fertility patient friendly. This helps in reducing the visits to the fertility clinic and time spent there.

There are number of advance tests that an infertile couple must undergo before the treatment starts. These tests are easy to understand and important for they help understand the cause of infertility. This helps determine that which technique is suitable for the couples concerned.

Female partner must undergo trans-vaginal ultrasound to evaluate ovarian reserve & uterus condition, few blood tests etc. and Laparoscopy or hysteroscopy in cases where there is indication of such operation requirement after the initial workup

A sperm analysis has to done on men to know about the overall health of sperms. The mobility and motility of sperms is checked through various blood tests.