IUI is one technique where healthy sperms are separated from weak ones and the washed sperms are positioned in the uterus of women during ovulation. Before the IUI treatment, a patency health test is necessary to ensure that the fallopian tubes are robust and open.

This is beneficial for solving the fertility problem of couples whose problem is unexplained and ambiguous. This technique is used when men cannot ejaculate in the vagina of their partners due to various reasons. It can be psychological, impotence, vaginismus, or any kind of health related problem.

Procedure : After 3 days abstinence, which helps produce healthy sperms, men are told to jerk in a container or a jar. The best quality sperm are sifted out, which takes around 2 hours, and are placed in womb through a thin tube. This process is not painful for women but they might experience a slight discomfort or a little vaginal discharge which is just the cervical mucus.

For women above the age of 35, rate of success is decreased. Also, IUI, may lead to birth of twins or multiple pregnancy as controlling the growth of follicles is difficult. It must be noted that IUI treatment must only be taken under the supervision of supremely skilled doctors in the state-of-the-art clinics to avoid the risks associated with IUI.