Egg Freezing/Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing for Working Woman

It has been several years since men have had the choice if they want to freeze their sperm or not. Now is the time women are witnessing the same kind of pleasure to have baby whenever they feel good to have. With scientific advancements in the technology driven world, today working women along with those who like to be a homemaker, are opting for Egg Freezing procedure to hold their pregnancy for a certain time period. It is possible with the introduction of vitrification by the medical world. This is a process in which cryopreservation of eggs is done.

How is Egg Freezing done?

Vitrification is a rapid egg freezing process which is responsible to for preventing ice crystals from formation within vitrified cells including eggs. Ice crystals may damage the cells that are occurred at slow freezing protocols. These protocols were used for embryos and sperm for decades which resulted in nothing but failure in egg freezing.

It is part of the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) when we talk about the actual process of vitrification. It takes 10-12 days for a woman to take daily injections   to develop & mature a group of her eggs.Blood levels and ultrasounds are regularly checked during this period which is done to monitor her body’s response to the medicines. The woman then undergoes a brief in office outpatient procedure under light anesthesia to remove the matured eggs. These mature eggs are frozen until the woman wants to use them, only after the successful removal and inspection by the embryologist.