Donor program

Donation for fertility cases are mainly of three types :-

Sperm donation- Donation of sperm is a healthy, harmless and noble process. If the male partner has low sperm count of low quality sperm, then the sperm of some other male can be used to fertilize the egg of the female partner which is placed in the womb of the female partner.

Egg donation- If due to reasons such as menopause or age factor or premature ovary failure, a woman is unable to conceive, then she can use the egg of some other women who serves as the donor for a sum of money. The fertilised egg is placed in the womb of the woman and baby is conceived naturally.

Embryo donation- If both the partners are infertile, then they choose embryo donation. The embryo is formed by fusing the eggs and sperms of donor couples which is placed in uterus of female partner. Number of tests are conducted to know about the quality of eggs and sperms.