Pregnant and worried about the Corona Virus

The spread of Corona Virus across the globe has incited the anxiety and a situation of panic among people worldwide including India. Gradually increase in number every day across countries, WHO on March 11th, 2020 declared COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.

During this many of the Pregnant Patients are having Concerns about this Disease.

“While I think Pregnant women should practice every degree of measures like Social Distancing, Practicing Excellent Hygiene and Avoiding anyone who seems Sick,” said Dr. Jyoti Malik (MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT MBBS, DGO, DNB, MNAMS, FICS) JJIMS.

While pregnancy does weaken the Immune System, it doesn’t seem to make women exposed to COVID-19 the way age or conditions like Lungs or Heart Disease does. As pregnant women are at the Greater risk of severe illness or mortality from other respiratory infections like flu, they may be considered at High risk for COVID-19. Pregnant women with COVID-19 don’t seem to pass it to their babies in utero, but infants can still get it after birth.

  • In most cases Pregnant women don’t seem particularly susceptible to the illness, don’t appear to be able to pass the virus to their babies in Utero or through Breast milk, and most infants with the condition tend to farewell.
  • But it is possible for infants to get COVID-19, and there are cases of babies born to moms with it who’ve had serious complications.
  • Pregnant women should continue to practice Social Distancing, Diligent Hygiene, and seek Social and professional support.

Just make healthy reminders to continue the precautionary measures and bring in an element of humor and laughter to maintain a sense of ease at home.

In times of such panic and unpredictability, just be mindful of your own emotions, thoughts, and circle of control. While everything is closing and slowing down, maybe it’s time for you to also take a back seat, focus on self-care and enjoy your time with your family.

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